How to Impress a Girl

15 Best ways to Impress a Girl

Want to Impress a Girl or Do you really want to get “wow” from your crush or girlfriend !!

Actually,impressing a girl is not a easy task,you have to grind away and burn your burn midnight oil only than you can impress a girl.You don’t have to be the witty guy who is popping jokes all the time.It’s not so much what you do,as your attitude about things.Girls are very fragile and usually they are very sensitive as compare to menTherefore,it’s bit difficult to attract any girl,but don’t be worried,we are here to tell you different ways to attract any girl towards you.If you follow these then I am hell sure your girl will be surely attracted…read

15 Best ways to Impress a Girl



    • Make her laugh.

      A good way to do this is make funny faces ,and do some childish acts so that you girl laugh,this will spread your positive impact on her.

    • Play with her hair.

      Girls love when boys play with their hair ,so it’s a good way to impress a girl,play with her hair very hard..

    • Give her one of you t-shirt.

      Make sure,it has your smell on it or smell of your sexy cologne,girls love the smell of their boy ,their good smell makes them crazy..

    • Remember her birthday.

      Always remember the birthday of your girl because girls are very much conscious about their birthdays,only wish is not sufficient,surprise your girl with wonderful presents..

  • Always hold her hand..

This would be taken as a sign of protection,your girl will think that you will never leave her alone in lurch,your girl will take it as sign of passionate love..

    • Let her fall asleep in your arms..

      Always allow her to fall her asleep in your arms,because being the arms of someone you really love gives you satisfy Atkin and pleasure..

    • Write something special for her.

      Write a song or any poem about her,in which you would have discussed your love for her or something in her beauty,she will surely love it!!

    • Protect her.

      Offer her a coat when she is cold,make her fell cold when she feels warmth,the best way to make her feel warm other than offering coat is grab her tightly in your arms,she will surely love this!!

  • Praise her.

    Tell her that she is most wonderful woman that you have ever met and you don’t want any other woman in your life!!

  • Send her something romantic.

    Send her a interesting or loving text or email or leave a loving note around her house,she would love this as well!!

  • Don’t bore her.

    Never make your girl feel bore when she is with you ,watch her some movies,go to some romantic place or beach with her..

  • Kiss her.

    Girls love kisses in their forehead,neck,check,hand etc etc so go for it guys!!

  • Make sacrifices for her.

    Never leave your girl alone in lurch,always be there for her,never make her feel alone,make her your utmost priority not an option..

  • Satisfy her.

    Satisfy your girl both physically and emotionally,full fill her needs and in return she will shower her love!!

  • Amaze her.

    When she ask how she looks,amaze her by saying”as usual beautiful my love” this will goose her bumps..!!


For girls..

it’s  not just about sex,Don’t get me wrong,sex is fucking great !!But you know what we girls think we have perspective that when you have connection with someone when you feel so strong for someone than just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak,you just can’t beat that,so instead of doing weird things go for simple and cute ones and impress your girl..!!

Happy reading guys!! ?