How to Make Blueberries Squash at Home

Blueberries squash ?


As it’s a summer season ?and sun is blazing on its zeast .In this suffocating environment ☀️ We all need some refreshment.For this purpose we are presenting easy and suitable recipe of blueberries squash ?.So ,that you can take summer as bliss not as misery.Blueberries ? Squash is loved throughout the ? world.I am going to show you how to make blueberries squash.I hope you would like this cheap and fast making squash recipe given below??.Enjoy….?


Servings:4-5    Time:15-20 minutes    Level:Easy



  • Blueberries 2 kilograms ?

  • Water 2 cups ?

  • Sugar 1/2 cups?

  • Black salt 2 tablespoons ?


  1. In a grinder add blueberries,water,sugar,black salt and grind it.

  2. Now,strain it by using one cup of ?  water.

  3. Your blueberries squash is now ready to serve…?