Discover your true feeling for him/her

Falling in Love:Love is a universal migraine,A bright stain on the vision blotting out reason.symptoms of true love are leanness,jealousy laggard dawns;Are omens and night mares listening for a knock,waiting for a sign,for a touch of his/her finger in a darkened roo,For a searching look,Take a courage lover!!could you endure such pain At any hand out hers/his ?


Still trying to deny what’s going on with you? Here are 10 signs which tells that you have absolutely fallen for him/her.Good luck!!

1.You are thinking of them right now

Every time you think of love or remember the feeling you are experiencing this person comes to your mind.Its involuntary and you just can’t keep yourself

2.when you have that certain smile

No,not your normal smile.That smile you can’t control when you are texting him or standing next to him.Its a signs that you love him/her.

3.when you constantly wake up in a good mood

Come on,If 6:00 A.m seems bright and sunny you have definitly fallen for him/her. It tells that you are in love addiction with someone?

4.when you crave him like a cake

You just want to put your face on his face .All the time .Thats the most amazing feeling you have ever have.Its a sign of true love.?

5.when you always think about them

Yes!! Its a fact that when you have strong feelings for someone,that guy or girls always remain in your mind ,No matter what!!This is the adorable feeling of love.❣️

6.Their voice brings smile

Every time the person calls you up over the phone,their voice brings a smile on your can’t hold your smile back no matter how hard you try!! Their voice sounds so beautiful to your ? ears.

7.The long goodbyes

You just can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to them.You want to stretch the good bye as long as you can.Even when you finally do leave ,it’s only with sad hearts thats racing with passion.

8.Its not just physical

You do think they are really attractive or hot ,but your affection for this person is not just skin deep.Even your soul wants them too..that’s the sign of true love ❤️ miss them

You miss them when they are not with you,you feel like you have lost a part of yourself and can’t feel whole again until they are with you again..It definitely means you are fallen in love.

10.The little butterflies

You feel butterflies ? in your stomach when someone mention their name or speak about them.You ? look for any excuse to start talking about him/her with your friends.It tells you are in love ? 

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