Few fast and easy ways of lose weight fast


Description of how to lose weight fast : I just woke up one day and decided I didnt want to feel like that anymore,or ever again so I changed.I was almost 80 kg or above due to which i was ignored badly everywhere,no one paid attention to me not even my family members,but i never lose hope, I composed myself and decided to taught them a lesson,I tried very hard, but of no use, i restrained my self from eating but of no avail and then one of my colleague told me an excellent technique about lose weight fast, so here I am sharing those methods which i myself adopted and lost 20 kg weight isnt it good. you.Nobody will do it for you , they will only degrade you, you have to do it by yourself;for yourself.All it takes little adjustment….so here you go…

Eat small portions (If you want to lose weight fast)Eat Small Portion of Food

Eating small portion is proven to help you lose weight,Instead of taking big plates go for smaller ones.Focus on eating more vegetables and meats rather than potatoes,rice and pastas.They won’t kill you if you go in moderation.Avoid junk foods as much as you can.in this way you would Lose Weight Fast..

Eat plenty of proteins :

Man Eating Protein Food

Protein has powerful effect on appetite.It can increase the feeling of fullness,reduce hunger and help you eat fewer calories.One study found that increasing protein intake from 15 to 30 percent calories helped participant eat 441 fewer calories per day and lose 11 pounds in 1 week with unintentionally.this will help you in your sudden weight loss.some example of protein are Fish,egg,yogurt,meat,almond etc…

Drink water regularly:

Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking water can help you eat less and lose weight especially if you drink it before a meal. One study found that drinking about half a liter about half an hour before meal reduce hunger and help them in eating fewer  calories.Participants who drink water before a meal lose 44 percent more weight over a week period coampared to those who didn’t..Drinking plenty of water will help you in fast weight loss..

Eat without electronic distractions.

Electronics Distraction

Paying attention to what you eat may help you eat fewer calories.People who eat while they are watching tv or mobile phone ? or playing computer ? games,may lose track of how much they have eaten.This is in turn cause over eating .One article looked at the results of 24 studies finding that people who were distracted at a meal ate about 101 percent more than those who are not distracted..Eating without distraction is best way to lose weight fast…

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